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Related post: 20 mg 20 mgPO includes Tolterodine La through the gastrostomy tube. The dose of medication must be modified for the elderly and infirmed and based on weight. 9. Scheduled Review Month/Year: October 2012 Responsibility: Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee 10. Effective Date 1-1-01 11. Approval Date Chair Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee III-11 MEDICATION ERROR/DISCREPANCY REPORT DBHDD Tolterodine 4 Mg Policy No. 03-505 Medication Variance Reporting Analysis III-12 MEDICATION REACTION REPORTING (Adverse Drug Reaction) DBHDD Policy No. 03-524 Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting and Intensive Review of Serious or Lethal Adverse Drug reaction Any undesired response to a medication which requires Buy Tolterodine intervention or change in therapy. III-13 FOOD DRUG INTERACTIONSP ROCEDURE SUBJECT: In-Patient Monitoring for Food-Drug Interactions AREA: Physician/Nursing/Pharmacy/Clinical Dietitian APPROVED BY: Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee/Medical Staff/ Nursing Executive Committee/Clinical Nutrition Discipline PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY: Clinical Dietitians PURPOSE: To provide for a process that addresses the potential for drug/food interactions and to mitigate any negative consequences resulting from these interactions. In addition, this procedure provides for a mechanism that will aid the health professional in assuring that the client�s and Tolterodine Er patient�s diet and drug therapy are optimized for positive outcomes. GENERAL GUIDELINES: The process for monitoring and addressing drug/food interactions is interdisciplinary and involves the physician, pharmacist, nurse, and dietitian. A list of drugs that have the potential for food interaction was developed and agreed upon by representatives of each of these disciplines. This list will serve as the basis for a computerized program that will screen for any client who has Tolterodine Tartrate been given a drug on this list. A Pharmacy computer program will be run in the Pharmacy each day. This program will list the client/patient, Living Area (Unit), drug name, and order date. This program will serve as the basis for the food/drug interaction procedure. SPECIFIC GUIDELINES: List of drugs; additionally food drug information will be sent concurrently with some medications such as Cipro and Levaquin. This information is necessary to prevent food absorption problems. Additionally grapefruit products have been found to increase drug concentrations by inhibition of metabolism. A grapefruit drug information education leaflet is sent with discharge and vacation medications to prevent such reactions. PROCEDURE: Initiator of Action Action Physician 1. Writes the order for Tolterodine Tartrate Tablets the identified medication. Nurse Tolterodine Tablets 2. Forwards the drug order to the Pharmacy. Pharmacy 3. Receives orders. A Pharmacy Report is run And any drug(s) that are determined to have potential to interact with food will printout on sheets by living areas/Unit. 4. These reports are distributed to the dietitians Unit/Dietitian/Clinical Dietetic Program Manager 5. Checks the potential food-drug interaction list and/or the Food Medication Handbook for any nutrition Tolterodine Sr interventions needed. 6. Contact Nurse Manager/Living Area Nurse and Physician if a potential food-drug interaction is identified or any recommended diet or other change is needed. 7. Documents the recommended change on the Food Drug Report and in the medical record progress notes (GSSH form 650-H; GRH form MH 5-5-102). Physician 8. Writes order for recommended diet or other change. If not in agreement for diet Tolterodine L-Tartrate change, will document reason on progress notes (GSSH form 650-H; GRH form MH 5-5-102).
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